The word “Watheen” is from ancient Arabic meaning fig, a fruit which contains most amazing health benefits unlike all other fruits. We ‘Watheen House of Dry fruits & Nuts’ brings you selected high quality premium food products in all varieties with hygienic packing which includes vacuum packing.

The trend towards healthier eating has made dried fruits and nuts mixes a popular snack item. These mixes are available with a wide variety of fruits and nuts, and some even include granola, coconut flakes, chocolate, and savory spices.

The spice trade isn’t a new phenomenon. For centuries, spice dealers from Asia and other regions sold spices to faraway consumers eager to integrate exotic flavors into their regional dishes.

Although the basic premise is the same, the modern spice trade has come a long way from its roots. Today, spice entrepreneurs carry an exhaustive catalog of spices, selling them to wholesale and retail spice customers around the world.

But instead of transporting large shiploads of spices, modern spice entrepreneurs leverage the power of  Internet to peddle their products to remote buyers.